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Peter Ratcliffe founder and owner of LEGENDS IN TIME interest in Motorsport was ignited after his first trip to a race meeting with his Father John in 1958. Since then Peter has raced all over the world himself from South Africa to China, the USA and all over Europe. He has competed in 7 Goodwood festivals with his Ayrton Senna JPS Lotus of 1986 and 2 Revivals driving a Ferrari P1, 250 GT and the 1959 Australian GP Cooper Maserati.

Ferrari P1
Peter driving his Senna JPS LOTUS at the Goodwood Festival of speed

Ratcliffe has also campaigned a 1962 Jaguar Lightweight which he drove with Stirling Moss, various MGB'S as well as a Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang 350 GT in South Africa His passion for racing and especially F1 continued from that early age through to 1988 when Peter launched Legends in Time. Peter realised that there was little or no direct contact with the drivers and that the fans were distanced by security and mystery. He wanted a signed print of the Jaguar and drivers winning the 1988 Le-Mans. After exhaustive enquiries Peter was on the lookout for an artist to create an image, it was at this point he and Alan Stammers got together and Peter put the first edition of prints on sale at the 1989 Classic car show at Wembley.

Ferrari P1 Peter and Senna
Peter racing the 1964 David Piper
Ferrari P1 at Goodwood 2009
A limited edition Alan Stammers
print for Legends in Time

"It was amazing" Peter says..."I took over 50 orders for the print in one day and realised we were really onto something that people wanted" I then came up with the name Legends In Time and the company was born! The next project was with Ferrari driver Nigel Mansell only weeks later at his home on the Isle of Man, then Stirling Moss in London, Alain Prost in Meribel France followed by the big one..the great, late Ayrton Senna in Monaco at his home. With agressive marketing and dedicated hard work the company took off and all the great drivers past and present quickly became a part of the collection. Peter Ratcliffe says "It was amazing, here I was literally flying all over the world meeting and doing projects with all my heroes. It was a fantastic time but seriously hard work. During this time in between shows , trips and projects Peter had begun to collect F1 drivers helmets, suits and general memorabilia connected with Formula One.

Cooper Maserati Light Weight e-type
Pater in Cooper Maserati Goodwood Peter with his Lightweight E-Type Capetown South Africa

During 1992 Peter decided to hold an auction in conjuction with the F1 drivers and obtained helmets, suits, wheels etc from the drivers and teams. Ayrton Senna called Peter personally and donated the Tag watch he was wearing whilst winning the Italian GP that year in the McLaren. The wonderful Juan Manuel Fangio donated a silver trophy from his own museum collection. Malcolm Barber of Sotheby's auctioneers( now Managing Director of Bonhams) shared Peter's vision and agreed to stage the auction at Kensington & Chelsea town hall.

Senna presents Peter with his overalls in Adelaide Australia 1992

The interest was incredible and was attended by such notable guests as Stirling Moss, Johnny Herbert and Ferrari driver Cappeli. These aslo included a project signed by Sir Richard Branson who had aproached Peter. Ratcliffe was also involved in sponsorship over the years becoming Damon's first F1 sponsor, also Johnny Herbert and the Silk Cut Jaguar tem. Peter became a familiar face in Formula One and regularly appeared on television including BBC Sportsline, Sky live at Five sports and several appearances on the Big Breakfast Channel 4. In 2001 the galleries were closed as part of a re-think and the fact that Peter was also spending a lot of time in South Africa plus the internet age was upon us.

Lotus JPS Ferrari P1
MGB Peter racing his 1972 Ferrari Dino Johannesberg South Africa

The Senna watch fetched £6,000 and the Fangio trophy £15,000....the total raised was in excess of £125,000 and was donated to Great Ormand Street. During the coming years Legends In Time grew and the first Gallery was opened by Stirling Moss in Windsor in 1996 followed by a second and larger gallery in 1998 opened by Damon Hill. Peter then began to produce a range of commemorative helmets with Damon and Michael Schumacher as well as continuing to expand the range of now very collectible signed motorsport prints with Alan Stammers. Legends In Time are today a well known and established memorabilia company with a strong and reliable reputation operating on the Internet from ASCOT in the UK. Legends In Time also now have the largest and most extensive collection of signed motorsport prints in the world. Over the years Legends In Time have had hundreds of special items pass through the collection from Senna race helmets to Fangio trophies to Graham Hill Spanish GP trophy to Mansells first F1 race helmet to Ayrton Senna's Lotus from 1986! The passion for Formula One and racing is still strong and Peter Ratcliffe admits he still loves and enjoys discovering the great collectable pieces and placing them with other enthusiasts all over the world, litterally! Ratcliffe says.. " I have enjoyed it all and met many wonderful people on this journey with Legends In Time over the last 22 years. It has taken me all over the world from Monaco to Rio, from Adelaide to Buenos Airies and from Hong Kong to California to the Swiss Alps.

Peter coming through the chicane at Goodwood

The support from many including my friends Alan Stammers and Malcolm Barber, Sir Stirling Moss and many others has been priceless but most of all the true racing enthusiasts and collectors all over the planet. Without your support and enthusiasm it would not have been possible. Thank You!